1954 King Midget
23 cid, 1 cyl air cooled, 7.5 bhp

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Billed as both the “World’s Number One Fun Car” and the “World’s Most Exciting
Small Car”, the King Midget was a small car manufactured from 1946 until operations
ceased in 1970. It’s hard to believe that for a number of years the Midget Motors
Corporation was the sixth largest automobile manufacturer.

The King Midget was conceived as an inexpensive, affordable car. They were originally sold as a single passenger kit car in which any single cylinder engine could be installed. The kit included the frame, axles, springs, steering mechanism, and the patterns for a sheet metal body.

In 1951 a second model was developed, a two passenger convertible offered either fully assembled or as a kit. The convertible weighed 500 pounds and sold for $500. This new model featured a 7.5 hp Wisconsin AENL engine. The King Midget could carry more than its own weight, pull exceptionally heavy loads, and had the “agility of a mountain goat” capable of traversing over arduous terrain.

During its almost 1/4 century of existence, three base models of the King Midget were
produced, plus a scooter and the Trainer and Junior models, neither of which had a body.


  • King Midget was produced between 1946 and 1969 by Midget Motors Corp.; offered as kit or fully assembled
  • 6,877 (est.) total units built, 1946-69
  • Price new: $550.00