1953 Vauxhall Velox Saloon
2262 cc, I-6, 64 bhp

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In October 1903 Vauxha11 1aunched its first automobile. The company’s future prosperity was assured when in 1925 General Motors agreed to buy Vauxhall for 2.5 million US dollars making it the first GM manufacturing base in Europe.

In 1953 Vauxhall celebrated both its 50 year jubilee and also the manufacture of its 1 millionth vehicle. There were three models produced in 1953: the 4-cylinder Wyvem, the 6-cylinder Velox, and later in the production year the upscale Cresta. The Velox is a Vauxhall E Type, a model produced from 1951 to 1957. The E Type was the last model to have the famous bonnet (hood) flutes. One of the more interesting aspects of this vehicle is its three-way opening hood, which was changed in later versions to an “alligator” style opening hood.


  • General Motors of GB since 1925
  • Sold in US and Canada by Pontiac dealers
  • Delivered in single color, cream color added per orig. buyer for CND $20
  • Price new: CND $2,153