1953 Tempo Hanseat 3-Wheel Pickup
397 cc, 2 cyl, 15 bhp

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The first “tricycle” cars, as they would become known as, were built in NorthernGermany. The Vidal Company of Hamburg began production of the Tempo Hanseat around 1924. The vehicle received continual improvementhrough the 1930’s. The loading area was shifted to the rear and an enclosed cab was added to protect the driver from the weather. The economical and reliable front wheel drive became very popular with small businessmen. These tricycle cars could be adapted to individual needs of the customers. The last of the famous Hanseats left the factory in October 1955. The production of the Hanseat continued in India where  they were produced through the 1999/2000 production year.


  • Beginning in 1950, the chassis were imported from German maker M/s Vidal Sohn and then bodied in India to provide “low cost public transport”
  • In 1953, these were licensed to be built in India for the Indian market
  • Concept for this 3-Wheel Pickup and the “Auto Rickshaw” models by Shri N.K. Firodia; First built in India to provide “low cost public transport”
  • Begun in 1950, the company today is now called Force Motors, Ltd.