1953 Ford Anglia 103E Tourer
1172 cc, I-4, 30 bhp

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Produced in England, the 103E was manufactured between 1953 and 1962. In 1953 the Popular was developed as a budget alternative, based on the old, pre-war style E494A Anglia. Introduced to the Australian market in 1953, the Ford Anglia 103E had an antiquated design side-value engine and a stylish “step-side” body. No clean, late-model cars were available in postwar Britain due to the production halt caused by WWII, therefore the 103E model proved to be a successful alternative.


  • The Ford 103E model, otherwise known as the “Ford Pop” or “Ford Popular”, was Britain’s cheapest car upon launch in 1953.
  • In later years, these cars became popular hot rods since the late 1950s when people began drag racing the vehicles due to their lightweight construction.