1953 Fargo 1/2 Ton
217 cid, I-6, 100 bhp

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In 1928 Chrysler Corporation created the Fargo Motor Corporation to build and sell
commercial trucks. U.S. domestic production ended in 1930 having produced 7,680 with Chrysler’s purchase of Dodge Brothers. Dodge trucks from that point on built for sale abroad were branded as Fargos. Beginning in 1935, Chrysler’s Canadian plants began production of Fargos for Canadian Plymouth dealers. Beginning in 1937, the Fargo became identical to the Dodge except for some chrome trim and a globe badge, which became the Fargo symbol. The Fargo was produced in Windsor, Ontario until production stopped in 1972. This example from 1953 is a 1/2 ton pick-up equipped with a 6-cylinder 217 cid engine rated at 100 bhp.


  • Canadian Dodge truck
  • Fargo manufactured until 1972