1953 Dodge Coronet Eight Diplomat
241 cid, V-8, 140 bhp

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The Dodge Coronet underwent a tremendous change for 1953, including all new styling, an updated, downsized chassis (in two sizes), and most importantly, the Red Ram V8, which initially came standard in the top-line Coronet. The 241.4 cid V8 was of a hemispherical head design, just like the Chrysler FirePower, only in a smaller size.  The Red Ram produced 140 bhp – which was pretty good for 1953. The styling was rounder and smoother, and updated the old-looking 1949-52 body and finally integrated the rear fenders into the rest of the body.  More power in a shorter, lighter body was good for racing, and Dodge scored six NASCAR Grand National wins in 1953. The Diplomat two-door hardtop was priced at $2,361 and 17,334 were sold.


  • Dodges restyled and down-sized for 1953
  • Coronet Eight series with 2- and 4-door sedans, hardtops, convertibles, plus a 2-door station wagon
  • New “Red Ram” 241 cid 140 hp V-8 based on the Chrysler and Desoto 331 cid 180 bhp Hemi
  • 304,000 1953 Dodges, including 17,334 Coronet Eight hardtops; price new $2,361.