1952 Willys Aero Wing 2-Door Sedan
161 cid, I-6, 75 bhp

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The Willys Aero was a fully modern design, with a level fender line running front to rear with stylish little vestigial fins housing the tail-lights. The grille was a single horizontal bar adorned with a big W in the center. With a wheelbase under nine feet, and a total length of under 15 feet it was truly a small economy car before its time. The Aero in 1952 came in four series; Aero Lark, Aero Wing, Aero Ace and Aero Eagle. The power came from a 161 cid, six cylinder engine producing 75 horsepower. While the Willys Aero had acceptable style, performance, and fuel economy, it suffered from a huge disadvantage: price. The Aero sold 31,363 cars in 1952, 7,474 were the 2-door sedan Larks as featured here, listing for $1731. Sales were so low by 1955, that production was moved to Brazil where the Willys Aero was marketed as a luxury car and lived on for an amazing 13 years. The car pictured here was the last car purchased by Harold LeMay.


  • “Wing” model produced only in 1952, making advertising slogan “Setting a fresh pattern for the future” ironic
  • “Hurricane” engine was the most powerful 6 cylinder produced in the US
  • Last car acquired by Harold LeMay
  • Price new: $2,155