1951 Mercury Custom 4-Door Sedan
283 cid, V-8, 195 bhp

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Perhaps the most customized car in America is the 1949-1951 Mercury. Quite often these vintage marques look even better customized than stock. The clean body lines of the Mercury lends itself so well to a chopped top.

This car was purchased in British Columbia at a car show.  Charlie Maxwell and Harold were at the show when the car drove in with a for sale sign in the window; Harold told Charlie to buy the car.  So off went Charlie, and by the time the Mercury was parked in its show spot, it had been sold.  This particular car features Cadillac tail lights.

Although the most common Mercury customs are the two-door models, this 1951 4-door sedan was given a beautiful custom makeover. This custom was chopped, chrome trim removed, side-pipes added and given a beautiful custom paint  job. To accent the overall design, matching dice door locks and valve stem covers were added.

The ‘51 Merc is powered by a 283ci V-8 linked to the drive train with an automatic transmission. When this car cruises down the road, all eyes turn.

The LeMay collection contains relatively few, but well-selected, customized cars. This example is a must-have for a collection presenting a full portrait of American automotive history. Between 1949 through 1951, Mercury sport sedans were among the favorites of street rod builders and this car’s proportions and finish are at the top of that genre.


  • 1949-51 Mercury customizer’s favorite
  • This custom was chopped, chrome trim removed and given a beautiful custom paint job