1951 Frazer Vagabond Hatchback Sedan
226 cid, I-6, 115 bhp

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The Frazer was considered the senior line of the Kaiser-Frazer cars.  From its inception in 1946 through the 1950 model year, Frazer shared its body styles with the Kaiser.  In 1951 however, Frazer’s had a unique one-year-only body shell, not shared with the Kaiser.  The Vagabond featured a rear seat that could be folded flat to give the sedan a station-wagon type of room in the back.  The dual hatches were unique to the industry.  One folded down like a station-wagon tailgate while the other half folded up giving floor to ceiling interior access.  The Vagabond featured all metal body work, while most station-wagons of the day were constructed of wood.  The Frazer was powered by a 226 cid six-cylinder flathead engine producing 115 horsepower.  2,930 Vagabonds were produced in 1951 at a list price of $2,399.


  • Kaiser and Frazer new in 1947; sold well at first.  Kaiser up 35% 1950; Frazer down 60%
  • 1951 Frazers were made using leftover 1949-1950 bodies with front and rear revisions.
  • Vagabonds were like a modern hatchback;  Spare tire next to the sealed left rear door
  • Frazer’s last year; Only 10,214 sold, including 3,000 Vagabonds; Price new: $2,399.