1951 Austin A40 Pickup
1200 cc, I-4, 40 bhp

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Austin Motor Company was a British company that began building cars is 1906. The Austin A40 pickup was based on the Austin A40 Devon/Dorset saloon. First introduced in 1948 it would continue in production through 1956. These pickups were plainly styled with painted grilles, flat rear panel sides and tailgate and aluminum rear wheel spats. All pickups featured wing windows different from the A40 saloons. The front wheel well openings were larger on the commercial models to accommodate 17’ wheels and tires. Like the saloon they had front coil independent suspension and in the rear a rigid axle and semi-elliptical leaf springs. The interior was plainly styled as well with a one-piece seat and handy but ordinary controls.

Under the hood rested an inline 4, valve-in-head, 1200 cc engine that produced 40 horsepower. In its nine year run a total of 61,818 pickups were produced. They listed for around 490 pounds.


  • The Austin Motor Company began building automobiles in 1906
  • Austin A40 pickup was based on the Austin A40 Devon/Dorset saloon
  • A40 pickup was plainly styled, inside and out
  • Austin brand was phased out in 1989