1950 Ford Custom Green Coupe
239 cid, V-8, 100 bhp

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The first newly designed Ford since World War II was introduced as the 1949 model.  The 1950 model looked mostly the same, yes it sported new badging in the form of a tri-colored shield and minor changes such as hiding the gas filler under a flap on the rear fender or replacing the pull-type door handle with a push-button one, but most else were unchanged. The big changes were underneath that now famous exterior design that featured the prominent bullet-nose. For 1950 the terribly designed frame of 1949 was stiffened and thickened in many areas, body sealer was pumped into weld joints, door weather stripping redesigned, and the front end re-engineered to get rid of the rattles, shacks, and poor ride of the ’49. Coupled with the 239.4 cid flat head V8 engine producing 100 horsepower and “three on the tree” manual transmission, the 1950 Ford became a great success, selling more than 1.2 million units.


  • Although Ford claimed “50 improvements for the 50 model” compared to 1949, most of the improvements were very minor
  • 2 improvements were: hiding the gas filler under a panel in the rear, and push-button door handles
  • Price new: $1,485