1950 DeSoto Custom 4 Door Sedan
236.6 cid, i-6, 112 bhp

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The DeSoto Custom was produced by the Chrysler from 1946 until the 1952 model year. The Custom was DeSoto’s top-trim level car, and was offered in a wide array of body styles. The Custom shared its engine design with the Deluxe, and was powered by Chrysler’s L-head 236.6 six cylinder engine, delivering 112 horsepower. In 1950, the Custom range gained DeSoto’s first consumer-designed station wagon. The Custom also received DeSoto’s first hardtop coupe, which featured pillarless door design and was trimmed to convertible standards. There were 72,664 DeSoto Custom 4-door sedans built in 1950 at a list price of $2,174. The Custom was supplanted by the Firedome model in 1952 which featured a V-8 engine.