1950 Chrysler Windsor Light Blue Coupe
250 cid, I-6, 116 bhp

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For its Silver Anniversary in 1950 Chrysler promised restyling that would be the finest in the new car field.  The result of this facelift was minor changes to its “box-on-box” shape.  On the outside this meant larger rear fenders with flush-mounted taillights and larger rear windows. The inside featured a “Safety-Cushioned” dashboard and an ignition-key starter replacing the old push-button one. Power was provided by a 250.6 cid inline 6, F-head engine capable of producing 116 horsepower.  The stock transmission was now a fluid drive “semi-automatic” 3 speed transmissions know as the “Prestomatic”. There were 78,199 of these 4 door sedans produced in 1950 at a list price of $2329.


  • Featured a “Safety-Cushioned” dashboard and key-start replacing the previous push-button starter
  • 1950 was the 25th anniversary of Chrysler Corporation
  • Price new: $2,186