1949 Crosley Hotshot
44 cid, I-4, 26.5 bhp

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Powel Crosley Jr., a manufacturer of radios, televisions, and appliances, entered the car business in 1939 with small, cheap, affordable cars. The uniquely styled body featured cut away sides, a rounded nose flanked by a pair of free-standing headlamps, and a spare tire mounted on a stubby trunk-less rear end. But the sturdy little engine was destined to be modified and various aftermarket accessory houses provided such items as a full-race cam, headers, dual manifolds, high-performance ignition systems, and superchargers enabling the Hot Shot the speed and handling befitting its name.


  • The 26 hp, cast-iron block assembly engine was capable of 0-60mps in 20 seconds with a top speed of 77 mph.
  • Powel Crosley Jr. introduced America’s first post-war sports car in 1949.
  • 3-speed manual transmission
  • First year for the Hot Shot
  • Weight: 1,175 lbs.
  • Price new: $849