1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Six P15 Coupe
217 cid, I-6, 95 bhp

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Although the 1948 Plymouths were virtual reruns of the ’47 models, just with higher prices, the total model year production of 412,540 was good enough to propel Plymouth to number 2. The L-Head power plant, the keystone of Plymouth’s low cost of operation and upkeep, was a flathead six engine of 218 cubic inch displacement, rated at 95 horsepower. When you bought a P-15 you could choose the economy Deluxe or upgraded Special Deluxe. Body styles where available as two- and four-door sedans, Business Coupe, Club Coupe, and in Special Deluxe only, convertible coupe, station wagon, or just the chassis. At $1,857 the convertible coupe was the most expensive model available other than the wagon. 


  • The Special Deluxe Six was the top of the line for Plymouth in 1948
  • The Plymouth line did not change at all from 1947 model, and changed very little compared to 1946 model
  • Price new: $1,264