1948 Nash Wrecker Tow Truck
235 cid, I-6, 104 bhp

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Generally know for the “bathtub” Nash with seats that recline to make a bed, Nash did build trucks from 1947 until 1954, but mainly for the export market. Some of the 4,998 trucks built however, were made available to dealers and were commonly used as tow trucks. The cab, hood, and fenders were taken from the Ambassador Passenger cars, but the grille had fewer horizontal bars and the bottom ones were narrower. The parking lights were round instead of rectangular and were mounted lower. Underneath, the wheelbase was extended 12″, a heavy duty frame was added, leaf springs were placed at all four corners, and a four-speed transmission was standard. The power was supplied by the 234.8 cid inline six used in the Nash Ambassador. It was a Valve-in-head design with a sealed intake manifold. The carburetor was a triple-venturi downdraft designed by Carter with an automatic choke. The engine produced 104 bhp at 3400 rpm.


  • During WWI, Nash was the largest truck builder in the US
  • Nash made wreckers available to dealers only, calling them the Haul Thrift, selling 545 between 1948-49 in US and Canada
  • Price new: $2,800