1948 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible
324 cid, I-8, 135 bhp

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In order to build an elegant and distinctive post-WWII car, Chrysler engineers went through a period of trial and error when constructing the part-metal, part-wood Town and Country convertible. White ash was used in its construction for its strength and beautiful grain. Many conventional construction methods could not be used to build this unique car, such as automated welding processes, so the use of more conventional, manual methods slowed the construction pace to about 10 cars per day. Many of the methods were complex, taking twelve factory workers just to install the convertible top. This car came with a 323.5 cid, 135 bhp I-8 engine, and was available only with a three-speed fluid drive semi-automatic transmission.


  • Produced from late 1945 to March 1949 with minimal changes
  • 3-speed Fluid Drive semi-automatic
  • Wood-frame structure behind windshield
  • 1948 production 3,309
  • Price new: $3,420