1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible Coupe
292 cid, V-12, 125 bhp

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The idea was all Edsel Ford’s: create a car destined to be a classic from day one. Styled by Ford designer Bob Gregorie, the Continental was modern, elegant, and slightly European with a long hood that gracefully concealed a potent V12 engine. This long hood was flanked by wide fenders which tended to make the car appear to taper towards the rear. The rear had a short deck and featured what would become its trademark, a spare tire mounted outside on the rear bumper which would become known as a “continental spare”. The rear fenders were covered with skirts over the wheels. There was little trim or chrome, relying on the beauty of its design rather than eye catching bright pieces.

The interiors were lavishly appointed with amenities normally reserved as options. The convertibles featured leather upholstery and the seats, both front and rear, were wide enough to serve as couches. The cast iron V12 was bored out to 305 cid to produce 130 horsepower. When in proper running condition their silence of operation was almost eerie. There were 3,334 post-war Continentals produced from 1946 through 1948. In 1947 there were 738 convertible coupes built. They were deliberately priced to be exclusive at $4,746, a Cadillac convertible could be had for $2,902.


  • Post-war Lincoln Continental personal luxury cars produced from March 1946 to June 1948 with minimal annual changes
  • The Continental was conceived by Edsel Ford and styled by Ford designer Bob Gregorie
  • 3,334 post-war Continentals produced
  • Powered by a cast iron V-12 engine
    Deliberately priced to be exclusive at $4,746, nearly $2000 higher than a Cadillac convertible
  • 1,569 1947 Continentals: 738 convertibles (Price new: $4,746) plus 831 coupes (Price new: $4,662)