1947 Hudson Super Eight Black Club Coupe
254 cid, 8, 128 bhp

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Changes in the Hudson for 1947 were subtle; there was a new truck emblem (now in bright metal rather than the previous plastic material) and the grille now had a slightly larger corporate logo. Two series and five body styles were offered for Hudson in 1947, and the Super and the Commodore were both on a common 121” wheelbase. Both six- and eight-cylinder engines were offered in both series with the six producing 102 bhp and the eight 128 bhp. Standard equipment on the Super series was modified when they offered rubber floor mats, a single sun visor, a wind-up clock and felt truck mats. The upgraded Commodore offered carpeted inserts in the front floor mat, dual sun visors, an electric clock, air foam seat cushions, a cigarette lighter, chrome window trim and a rubber trunk floor mat. Numerous options were available on both models to include: oversize tires, a larger hubcap, custom wheel colors, heavy duty suspension, vacuum-assisted shifting, dubbed “Vacumotive drive”, and then the “Drive Master” option that eliminated shifting altogether.

Sales for 1947 were over 100,000 units and the milestone 3,000,000 car in Hudson’s history rolled off the assembly line. This would be the last post-war model before an all-new Hudson, the “step down”, would arrive on the scene in 1948.