1942 Chrysler Windsor Highlander
250cid, I-6, 120bhp

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This was a year of many changes for Chrysler starting with the grille’s chrome that continued around the fenders. This was also the first year for the sleeker rear-hinged hood replacing the two-piece hood that opened at the sides. The running boards were now hidden under flared doors and the Town & Country model became a Windsor. The Highlander Plaid upholstery was continued but the new Thunderbird style was an option.

The increased-bore six made for 250.6 cubic inches and 120 brake horsepower while the 8 cylinder came only with 140 bhp. Like all U.S.A. car companies, Chrysler switched from using chrome to painted metal after January 1, 1942 by order of the federal government and made cars only for the military from February, 1942 until the end of the Second World War. During the war, Chrysler made Wright Cyclone aero motors, “Sea Mule” harbor tugboats, marine motors, tanks, land-mine detectors, anti-aircraft guns and radar units.


  • Highlander was special interior package with Scottish tartan upholstery
  • 574 produced
  • Price new $1,420