1942 Chevrolet Blackout
216 cid, I-6, 90 bhp

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Chevrolet offered three models in 1942; the Master Deluxe, the Special Deluxe, and the Fleetline.  Changes from the 1941 models were minor including the new “fadeaway” front fender, the so-called American Eagle grille, a larger and longer hood, and incorporating the parking lights at the edge on each side of the grille. The 1942 models were built in scarce numbers; only 258,795 were built, due to World War II.  The Blackout models, called so because they had no chrome or stainless steel trim, were even scarcer with less than 2350 built.  The 1942 Chevrolets were equipped with a 216 cid engine which produced 90 horsepower.  They were priced from $799.


  • Weight 3,085 lbs
  • A rare “blackout” – Painted metal replaced chrome trim except bumpers on all cars after Jan. 1, 1942 and all new car sales halted same day
  • Chevrolet production ended on Feb. 11; All remaining 1942 cars rationed until 1945
  • 22,187 produced
  • Price new: $845