1941 Packard Special One Ten
245 cid, I-6, 100 bhp

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The Packard for 1941 was described by some as the most beautiful ever built, and it was definitely re-styled that year. New for this year were headlights now firmly placed in the fenders, larger windows, a one-piece rear window, lowered floors, and minor updates applied to the grille. Mechanically, the suspension was updated, motor mounts were enlarged, and an oil bath air cleaner was added. For the first time, Packard offered air conditioning and “Electromatic” shifting, allowing the driver to shift gears without the use of the clutch pedal.


The Clipper was a new entry to the Packard line of cars in 1941. The design introduced flowing fenders, hidden running boards, a tapered tail and a narrower vertical grille. The Clipper was only offered in a four-door sedan priced at $1420. The Clipper design would be carried into 1942 and beyond, basically giving Packard a new look that would last for many years to come. For the more affluent and discriminating buyer, Packard’s 160 and 180 series were offered with higher performance engines and could be ordered with custom bodies by Darrin, Rollston, and LeBaron.


  • New front-end styling vs. the 1940’s
  • The mid-price One-Ten cars were the only six-cylinder Packards, all others (One-Twenty, One-Sixty, One-Eighty) were I-8’s
  • Price new: $1,076