1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Yellow
216 cid, I-6, 90 bhp

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Chevrolet introduced an all new body style for 1941. Gone were the running boards, replaced by concealed rubber covered sill plates called “safety Steps”. The headlamps were incorporated into the fenders. The interior space was redesigned to provide three inches more hip room. This body design would go virtually unchanged until 1948 thanks in part to World War 2. The Special Deluxe Convertible Coupe featured optional fog lamps, stainless steel fender trim, bumper wing guards, chrome wheel-trim rings, and an accessory hood ornament. The body wasn’t all that was updated for 1941; the engine was also heavily revised. Dubbed the “Victory Six”, the redesigned cylinder head raised the horsepower from 85 to 90. There were 15,296 of the Chevrolet Special Deluxe Convertible Coupes built in 1941 at a list price of $949.


  • Last year for “Special Deluxe”
  • Chevrolet #1 in sales with 1,008,976
  • Price new: $949