1939 Cadillac 60 Special 4-Door Sedan
346 cid, V-8, 135 bhp

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The economy in 1939 was rebounding and auto sales were up throughout the industry with Cadillac up by 10,000 units for the year. For 1939, Cadillac was given a facelift that reflected the attractive and modern look of the era. The new car had a more pointed hood and grille that were met with two side grilles to complete a balanced front-end look. The body lines were squared off, the license plate was now mounted on the trunk, and the headlights were mounted higher on each side of the grille. The frame now rested on what was called “controlled action ride” which was softer, smoother, and more comfortable. Options available were radio, heater, seat covers, windshield washer, automatic battery filler, fog lights, and a new vacuum-operated radio antenna.

A total of 29 different models were offered by Cadillac that year and they were divided between 4 series – the 61, 60 special, 75, and 90. All but the 90 series used the 346 cid V8. The model 90 (top-of-the-line luxury car) was equipped with the 431 cid V16 which was basically two V8 engines connected with a common nine main bearing crank shaft. The engine was very smooth and well-balanced, but was extremely expensive. Cadillac prices ranged from $1,610 for its four-passenger series 61 coupe to $7,175 for the model 90 V16 Town Car. The Cadillac V8 was smooth and dependable, and due to the significant price difference between the V8 and the V16, the V16 was discontinued in 1940.


  • Series 60 was least expensive Cadillac
  • 4-door sedan
  • Price new: $2,090