1938 Graham Supercharged
217 cid, I-6, 116 bhp

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The Graham Motor Corporation developed a new body style for 1938. Graham was always ahead in styling, which was evident in 1932 with the introduction of the Blue
Streak. Other car manufacturers would follow suit in 1933.

They called on Amos Northrup for the 1938 model styling. His design was to combine the aerodynamic look along with the Graham Knight, and was labeled “the spirit of motion.” The forward design of the grille and fenders gave it the feeling of motion. The Graham Knight was incorporated with the headlights reflecting the knight’s helmet. This was also used for the hood emblem, the door handles, the ashtray on the dash. It was hard for the American public to accept a different and radical design. A recession in early 1938 also
hampered sales with only approximately 5020 cars being sold.


  • Company started as Paige in 1909, then became Graham-Paige in 1928, and then Graham in 1930; Graham ceased business in 1941
  • This has mechanical supercharger, which increased hp by 26; Price new: $1,320