1938 DeSoto S5 4-Door Sedan
228 cid, I-6, 100 bhp

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The DeSoto was a mid-priced automobile produced by the Chrysler Corporation from 1928 through 1961. The Model S5 replaced the S3 and featured a longer wheelbase and a significant facelift. The grille was designed by outgoing Chrysler design Chief Raymond Dietrich and led to the conservative look of the DeSoto.  To promote the “new” DeSoto they hired Jack Dempsey, Janet Gaynor, Eddie Cantor and Bing Crosby to help promote it.  The 228 cid, inline six featured a new aluminum head and produced 93 horsepower.  Model year production dropped by 53 percent but DeSoto still climbed one spot to number 13 in industry output.  There were 23,681 DeSoto four-door sedans built in 1938 at a list price of $970.


  • Built by Chrysler from 1929 to 1961
  • Priced between Dodge and Chrysler
  • 1938 production 39,203, 13th place