1937 Pontiac Deluxe Eight Convertible Sedan
249 cid, I-8, 99 bhp

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In 1939, only one series was added to the Pontiac line-up: the Pontiac Quality Six. This series would be a lower-priced entry, and would share the 115” wheelbase of the Chevrolet and the Oldsmobile 60. Pontiac continued the Deluxe Six and Deluxe Eight series, which were assigned the same 120” wheelbase as the Oldsmobile 70 and 80 and the Buick Special. Both the Deluxe models appeared nearly identical, with the exception that the Eight had a medallion on the front and rear bumpers denoting itself as Deluxe Eight. The 1939 Pontiacs were re-bodied with wider fenders, larger windows, a minor grille change and the first year of the alligator hinged hood design, however, the gear shift on the steering column and the chrome strips on the hood remained the same for 1939. The six-cylinder models shared the same 85 bhp engine, while the eight-cylinder was rated at 100 bhp. The Six was considered quiet, smooth, reliable and economical, while the Eight was believed to be more refined and powerful, though it also used more fuel.

A total of 15 models were spread between the three series of Pontiacs. Prices ranged from $758 for the Quality Six business coupe, to $1046 for the Deluxe Eight Cabriolet. Sales for 1939 were 144,000 units, which placed Pontiac second in sales in the General Motors line and sixth place industry-wide.


  • Pontiac started as a companion car to Oakland in 1926
  • Pontiac priced above Chevrolet and below Oldsmobile
  • Last Pontiac was produced in 2010
  • Price new: $1,235