1937 Pontiac Convertible Coupe
249 cid, I-8, 100 bhp

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The elegantly rebodied 1939 Pontiac featured wider “pontoon” fenders, streamlined noses with chromed “catwalk” grilles, a reduced overall height, more glass, “Silver Streak” trim, and headlamps resting on the front fenders giving it a more streamlined appearance.  Hidden underneath this new body were variable-rate “Duflex” rear springs. The 1939’s were available with a straight six or eight. The deluxe models were available with running boards or “body skirts”. This example is the Deluxe Eight featuring a 248.9 cid engine producing 100 bhp. List price new was $1046.


  • Prettier, with wider “pontoon” fenders
  • Model year production up by 50% vs. 1938 to 144,340 cars
  • 1939 Pontiacs available with an I-6 or an I-8; more than 75% were I-6
  • Price new: $1,046