1937 Plymouth Deluxe Convertible Coupe
201 cid, I-6, 82 bhp

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Plymouth had a good year in 1937; it built its 2 millionth car, sold a record 525,472 cars, and became third in the industry for output. This sales record would stand until 1950. Plymouth was the only U.S. automaker to post a gain in sales in every year during the Depression. The P-4 Deluxe replaced to P-2 model of 1936 with a slightly shorter wheel-based model styled to have a “plumper” look than the narrow 1936 models. The window area was reduced but safety glass became standard on all models. It was the final year for a crank-open windshield for Plymouth. A right hand windshield wiper was optional. A hypoid rear axle was also introduced to allow the lowering of the driveshaft which permitted to loss of the transmission “hump”. Cornering was improved with the addition of new airplane type shock absorbers.  All control knobs in the dash were now recessed for safety. The base engine was a 203.1 cid, I6 with 82 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and 145 lb-ft of torque at 1,200 rpm. An economy six producing 65 horsepower was available as an option. There were 3,110 of the deluxe convertible coupes built in 1937 at a list price of $830.

Harold LeMay bought this car in Arizona and after purchasing it he took it out for a ride. He stopped at a traffic light and another car pulled up next to him. The man in the next car rolled down his window and said “I want to buy your car”. Harold replied “It’s not for sale”. The man then said “I’m Tom Barrett and I want to buy your car”. Harold replied “Well I’m Harold E. LeMay and it’s not for sale”. The light then changed and Harold drove off.


  • Same engine used from 1934 to mid 1954
  • Rumble seat convertible coupe
  • Plymouth was entry-level car for Chrysler Corporation
  • Price new: $625
  • Plymouth built its 2 millionth car in 1937
  • Plymouth was the number 3 marquee in 1937
  • Plymouth was the only automaker to post gains every year in the Depression
  • Final year for crank-open windshields