1937 Mercedes-Benz 300 “Indiana Jones” Staff Car
231 cid, I-6, 220 bhp

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1937 Mercedes-Benz 320 (Indiana Jones Car)

This 1937 Mercedes-Benz 320 is one of the two cars used in filming the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was made famous in the “Truck Chase” scene in the deserts of Egypt.

After Indiana Jones overtook the convoy and gained control of the cargo truck carrying the Ark of the Covenant, he forced this staff car off the road multiple times. Remarkable, the car survived the chase with little to know damage. The chase continued into Cairo, where they subsequently lost Indy and the Ark in the market.

This car is a mockup of a vintage 1937 Mercedes, built on the chassis of a 196 0Jaguar Mark IX with a Jaguar engine. The vehicle was built by Leaping Cats Coventry of England to be able to reach 120 miles per hour and hand the demands of a chase scene. The Car is now owned by a private collection and displayed by the LeMay Collections at Marymount.


  • Ex-paramount studios stunt car, built on a lengthened Jaguar Mk. 9 chassis, with modified Jaguar Mk. 5 body. Top speed: 125 mph
  • 1 of 2 such cars built for Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark, this car was featured prominently in the “Desert Chase” sequence