1937 Buick Special Convertible Sedan
248 cid, I-8, 100 bhp

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“That silent, silky, rugged source of high-powered energy which makes you master of time and distance” is how Buick described their valve-in-head, straight-eight engine, capable of producing 130 horsepower. A three-speed, Syncro-mesh transmission linked this 320 cid engine to a new hypoid rear axle. The ’37 Buick featured an improved generator and front and rear stabilizing bars.

The updated styling included long fenders with blunt trailing edges, a split horizontal bar grille, and complementing side hood vents mounted on a 131 inch wheelbase. This year the Buick featured an industry first, a steering wheel horn ring.

1155 of these Buick convertibles were produced and listed for $1,856.


  • 4-door convertible sedan
  • Convertible sedans have roll-up side windows and a center post
  • Art Deco styling
  • Price new: $1,302