1936Mercedes-Benz 170 V 4-Door Sedan
1,697 cc, I-4, 38 bhp

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Between 1936 and 1972, nearly 75,000 models were built. The 170V model was by far the most popular Mercedes-Benz model manufactured up to that point. An abbreviation of “Vorn” (front) was added with a simple “V” to differentiate the model from the rear-engine 170H model.


  • Between 1936 and 1939 it was Mercedes’ top selling model.
  • The 170 V bodies sport external storage of the spare wheel on the car’s rear panel.
  • Special versions of the four-door 170 V body style were manufactured and adapted for use as ambulances, police, mountain rescue service, military, and taxi work.
  • First year of production for this Model W136, which was built through 1942
  • The W136 model was built in both “saloon” (sedan) and coupe models
  • Price new: 3,850 Deutsch Marks