1936 Wolseley Super Six Limousine
3,485 cc, I-6, 25 bhp

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The Wolseley Motor Company was a British automobile manufacturer founded in 1899, although production didn’t begin until 1901. The company officially became the Wolseley Motor Company in 1914. In 1935 Wolseley became a subsidiary of the Morris Motor Company, although it remained as a luxuary automobile marque until 1975. The Wolseley Super Six was produced from 1935 through 1937.  There were three engines available, 16 horsepower, 21 horsepower, and 25 horsepower. The Salon-de-Ville and Single Limousine, both on the 25 hp chassis, were essentially the same on the exterior. The Single Limousine differed in having a partition between the driver and occupant and featured leather upholstery in the front and cloth in the rear. The featured auto here was once owned by the Lincoln County Council and used by the Lord Mayor of Lincoln for official functions.


  • From 1936-1975 this car was in England; once was official car of Lincolnshire
  • Was imported to the U.S. in 1976 and was purchased by Harold LeMay in April 1978
  • This Wolseley is a survivor car in original unrestored condition
  • Price new: £725 ($3,625)