1936 Rolls-Royce Model 25/30 2-Door Cabriolet
4.3 Liter, I-6, 85 bhp

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The Rolls-Royce 25/30 was built as a replacement for 20/25 as the “small” Rolls-Royce which ultimately marked the final development of the Twenty.  This final leg would last through 1938, and featured more modern styling through a variety of coach-built bodies.  Although the 25/30 was a “junior edition” it was every inch a Roll-Royce and built infinite care.  Powered by an inline-six, 4.3 liter engine it was much more powerful than the 20/25, producing 85 horsepower and capable of sustained speeds of 75 to 80 mph.  Through the use of parts by other manufacturers, Rolls-Royce was able to keep costs under control while still providing a superior automobile. There were 1,201 25/30s sold before it was replaced by the Rolls-Royce Wraith.


  • LeMay Car Show Feature Car for 1996
  • “Small” Rolls-Royce
  • Modern styling in various coachbuilt bodies
  • Considered a “junior edition” Rolls-Royce with modern styling in various coachbuilt bodies. 1,201 25/30’s were sold prior to the replacement Rolls-Royce Wraith