1936 Chevrolet Phaeton
207 cid, I-6, 79 bhp

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1936 brought major styling changes to the Chevrolet Motor Division. The windshield was now V shaped, the radiator cap was hidden under the hood, the fenders were more rounded and added was a waterfall grille; steel-spoked wheels were standard and wire wheels were optional. The frame was changed from an X design to a lighter and stronger box-girder design. The wheels on both series were 17″, and an optional Knee-Action suspension was popular, but only offered on the Master series. Gone were the numerous small gauges set into the instrument panel and new were two larger tan-colored instrument clusters that included the basic information for engine operation. The master series was stretched by 2″ and now had a new steel turret top replacing the old-fashioned fabric roof. The senior series was re-named and called the Master Deluxe, carrying a 113″ wheelbase. The Town and Sport sedan now had a built-in trunk which was a convenient option. Another major change was the addition of hydraulic brakes added to both Chevrolet series.

Prices for the new models ranged from $495.00 to $665.00 depending on series and options offered. Chevrolet again took first place in sales from Ford by posting a 70% increase in sales over their 1935 models.


  • “Stabilized Front-End” (front fenders, radiator, and headlights made into a single assembly) “to avoid weaving and twisting” said Chevrolet advertising
  • Hydraulic brakes introduced on the “Master” models