1936 Auburn 852 Supercharged Dual Ration Sedan
280cid, I-8, 150bhp

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Auburn, Indiana once had a thriving automobile industry thanks to a company under the name Auburn Automobile Company. It was responsible for producing fabulous marques of the era such as Duesenburg. Cord and Auburn. Each of these fine makes have huge histories and the very names fetch top dollars.

The 852 served as the last model the great Auburn company would produce. The most unique feature of the 852 & 851 was a dual-ratio differential. For performance acceleration the differential would use a fast 4.5:1 ratio. Once the car was up to speed, the driver could select a slower, 3.0:1 ratio via a lever on the steering wheel!

Despite plans to produce further evolutions of the 852, the factory shut down in October of 1937. The 852 itself was an evolution of the 1925 Auburn 8-88. Although a literally unchanged eight-cylinder line-up from 1935 carried over to 1936, including the price, nothing could save this arm of the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg empire.

Early production of 1936 models (the last year of production) began in late summer 1935. Due to their identical appearance from the 1935 models these early ’36s were manufactured without model designation name plates, but, were later sent to dealers for installation. Before the year was half over the Auburn offices and facilities were either closed or moved to the Connersville, Indiana plants of Cord and Duesenberg.

1936 Auburn 852 Speedster Base Price $2, 245


  • Supercharged flathead straight 8
  • Engine made by Lycoming
  • Last year for Auburn
  • Piece new $1,775