1935 Standard A-10 Deluxe
1343 cc, I-4, 10 hp

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The Standard Motor Company of Coventry, UK built commercial automobiles from its inception in 1903 until 1965, with the exception of the war years from 1940 through 1944. During the war years the Standard Motor Company produced the military vehicles the Beaverette, 12 HP Light Utility, and the Jeep. The A10 was built from 1934-1936 .The A10 featured a 1343 cc side valve, 4-cylinder engine.

The introduction of the Standard 9 and Standard 10 models in the thirties improved the fortunes of the company greatly. This was the last year for the A10 model, although a new model the Flying 10 would replace it. The Standard 9 chassis was mated with a body by Swallow (a company that built sidecars for motorcycles) to produce the SS, the predecessor to the Jaguar.


  • Available as Sports Saloon, or Sports Coupe
  • Taxable horsepower
  • Built in Coventry, England
  • Basis for first SS Jaguars/Jaguars