1935 Pierce-Arrow 1245 LWB 7 Passenger Sedan
462 cid, V-12, 175 bhp

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In 1935, among all US automobile manufacturers, only Pierce-Arrow was exclusively dedicated to the production of luxury cars. There were but few changes in 1935 for the Pierce-Arrow, full-length fender-skirts, new headlamp lenses, rearranged hood louver doors, and a completely redesigned dash. The seven-passenger sedan was powered by a 462 cid V12 which produced 175 horsepower. Two Pierce-Arrow limousines, both fitted with bullet-proof glass, armor plating,  and rated to do 110 mph,were sent the the US government in 1935, one for FDR and one for J. Edgar Hoover. Only 875 Pierce-Arrows were produced in 1935 and would never exceed this number again.  The Pierce-Arrow 1245 Seven-passenger sedans list for $3,750. By 1938 Pierce-Arrow became yet another victim of the Great Depression.


  • Although best known for their high-quality luxury cars, Pierce-Arrow also built trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles
  • Only 875 Pierce-Arrows built in 1935
  • Price new: $3,750