1934 Chevrolet Phaeton
194 cid, I-6, 65 bhp

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1934 would see Chevrolet building its 10-millionth car and staying ahead of Ford in sales. Buyers would be offered two extensive model line-ups in 1934, the Standard Series and the Master Series.  The Standard Series was built on a 5-inch shorter wheelbase than the Master Series.  The Phaeton body style was the least popular style for Chevrolet in 1934 and would be dropped after completion of the model year.  The Phaeton was available only in the Standard Series which was more streamlined for 1934 complete with a longer hood. It was powered by the same 60 horsepower, 181 cid in-line six-cylinder engine as 1933. Only 234 Phaetons were constructed in 1934 and listed for $495.


  • Phaeton, no roll-up side windows
  • Red reflectors on headlights added by Harold LeMay as he towed car backwards from Midwest after purchasing
  • Chevrolet out-sold Ford in 1934
  • Price new: $495; Only 234 phaetons sold