1932 Nash Big Six 4-Door Sedan
201 cid, I-6, 70 bhp

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In 1926 Nash sales passed the 100,000 mark and all Nash preferred stock was retired. In 1927 the company announced that its employees owned $20 million in Nash shares. Because of this Nash entered the Depression in good shape, and although sales dropped sharply from 1929 through 1934, the company survived the Depression when many other automobile companies did not. The best year for Nash was 1928 with 138,137 cars built, enough to keep all three assembly plants running at capacity.

Nash offered solid, well-engineered cars at reasonable prices. In 1928 they came in three series; the Standard Six, the Special Six and the Advanced Six. The Advanced Six featured an ohv, seven bearing motor with 279 cid producing 70 hp and capable of mid-seventies top speed. The Advanced Six lineup included nine models including this 4-door sedan. Prices ranged from $1,340 to $2,165. Even though it was little changed from 1926, it sported a taller radiator; it remained stylish and modern for its day.


  • Nash entered the Depression in good shape thanks to the fact they had purchased all its preferred stock in 1927
  • 1928 was the best year yet for Nash with 138,137 cars built
  • Nash cars were known as solid, well-engineered affordable
  • Advance Six was Top-of-the-line Nash and sold for $1,340 to $2,165