1932 Nash 4-Door Sedan
322 cid, I-8, 125 bhp

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Nash built their cars with classic upright styling through 1934 even though other makes were shifting to a rounder, more stream-lined look. Body styles in 1932 included closed sedans, touring cars, victorias, rumble-seat coupes, roadsters, and convertible cabriolets. The 960 series had an ordinary side-valve six, this was a 201.3-cubic-inch engine with 65 horsepower. Prices started at around $1000 in 1930 but were later lowered to the $800-$900 range to spur sales in the Depression-crushed market.. The Nash Six Sedan 960 sold for $845. In spite of sales of only 17,696 for 1932, Nash was the only auto manufacturer except GM to make money in 1932. Nash made six times the profit ($1.3 million) of GM.


  • Quality, versatility, styling and speed were hallmarks of Nash in 1932
  • Nash was the only manufacturer besides GM to make profit in 1932
  • Twin ignition and overhead valves
  • Price new: $1,015