1931 Stutz DV32 Boattail Speedster
322 cid, I-8, 156 bhp

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While most luxury marques were introducing multi-cylinder cars, Cadillac and Marmon with V-16s and Packard with its V-12, Stutz was undergoing deep financial trouble. Unable to afford to develop a multi-cylinder engine, Stutz instead developed a new in-line eight cylinder with a single overhead cam designated the SVI6. SV16 stood for Single Valve 16 or one exhaust and one intake valve per cylinder.

Stutz continued this word play with its next engine the DV32, a 322 cid, dual ohc “vertical” eight 156b hp 32 valve engine with a four-speed gearbox. The list price of the DV32 began at nearly $5000, and at a time of economic depression, was unable to compete in the very lean market place. While Stutz sold over 2300 cars in 1929, they would suffer a slow and lingering death selling less than 1500 cars in the 1930s. A sad ending for “The car that made good in a day”.

This car was driven by LeMay volunteers in the 2006 Great Race from Philadelphia, PA to San Rafael. CA.


  • Driven by LeMay volunteers in the 2006 cross-country Great Race (see decals)
  • Rebodied by Coachcraft from 1931 SV16 4-Door Sedan; used in Untouchables show
  • Only 35,000 Stutz cars made in 25 years
  • Price new:$5,000