1929 Pierce_Arrow Model 133
366 cid, I-8, 125 bhp

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In 1929 Pierce-Arrow made one of the largest changes to its product line in the company’s history, introducing a complete line of new cars. The six-cylinder engine was replaced with a 366 cid, straight-eight with an L-head arrangement for the valves and a Stromberg UU-2 carburetor which produced 125 horsepower. Advertisements claimed this new arrangement was capable of speeds in excess of 85 mph.  The new Pierce-Arrow was offered in two models, the 133 and the 143, with the model designation denoting the wheelbase.  The 133 was available in 12 body styles ranging in price from $2875 for the roadster to $3325 for the Tonneau Cowl Phaeton. There was approximately 6000 Pierce-Arrow Model 133’s produced in 1929. This car was once owned by the president of Uruguay.


  • Once owned by President Ordonez of Uruguay
  • Top speed: 85 mph
  • Studebaker purchased Pierce-Arrow in 1928
  • Price new: $3,750