1928 Whippet Model 96 2-Door Sedan
134 cid, I-4, 30 bhp

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Initially introduced by Willys-Overland in late 1926 as a replacement for the Overland, the Whippet was a small, fast automobile.

One of the six-cylinder models averaged 56.52 mph during a 24 hour endurance run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, establishing a new record for cars costing under $1000.

The Whippet sold extremely well during its short life-span, becoming the third best in sales in 1928, behind only Ford and Chevrolet.

Like many other marques, it suffered badly with the stock market crash and the ensuing Depression. Willys shifted its emphasis to a single model and discontinued the Whippet name in early 1931.


  • 3rd best-selling marquee for 1928
  • Full pressure oiling and water pump with full circulating coolant
  • An upgraded version of Whippet’s engine became WW2-era Willys Jeep engine
  • Price new: $535 – $745