1928 Packard 319 Roadster
289 cid, I-6, 82 bhp

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Packard produced its first automobile in 1899 and the marque continued until 1958. The company has always been recognized for its production of luxury automobiles, but began marketing slightly less expensive cars in the 1930’s as it tried to ride out the Great Depression. Packard was able to ride out the financial troubles better than many of the other luxury cars because their cash position was superior to other independent luxury car makers. The Packard Company used one production line, along with interchangeable parts between models, also helped Packard survive the Great Depression.  In 1941, they again introduced a cheaper line of cars, the Clipper.  A direct competitor to the Cadillac Series 61, it moved Packard ahead of both Cadillac and LaSalle in sales.

After WWII, however, competition was stiff from the Big Three and Packard was eventually purchased by Studebaker; production was moved to South Bend, Studebaker’s home. The last Packards were nothing more than Studebakers with some moderate styling changes; the marque died after the 1958 production run.

The 1928 Packard Eight Roadster had a 385 cid, overhead valve, in-line 8 producing 120 hp.


  • Produced during “Golden Age” of Automobiles, 1920-1930
  • Cruise comfortably at 40 to 50 mph
  • Weight: 3,875 lbs
  • Price new: $2,125