1926 Buick Master Six Sedan
274 cid, I-6, 77 bhp

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Buick updated their styling for 1926 Standard and Master Six models by adorning them with aluminum hubcaps and gas caps. The radiator shells were redesigned giving them a smoother look. The Master Six included scuff plates, cigarette lighter, heater, clock, smoking cases, shock absorbers and even a vanity case. The Master Six rode on either a 120 inch or 128 inch wheelbase. Body styles available in 1926 included sedan, roadster, coupe, brougham, country club coupe and the touring featured here. The 1926 Master Six featured a 207 cid engine producing 60 horsepower. Buick set a sales record in 1926 with 266,753 units, a record it would take Buick 14 years to match.


  • Master Series included cigarette lighter, heater, clock, vanity case and shock absorbers as well as aluminum hub caps
  • Built from 1925 to 1928
  • Mechanical drum brakes
  • Sold 266,753 cars in 1926, a record it would take Buick 14 years to match
  • 120 or 128 inch wheelbase
  • Price new: $1,525