1924 Rickenbacker
268 cid, I-6, 58 bhp

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Rickenbacker was a mid-priced American car built from 1922 through 1927. It was founded by Barney Everitt, formerly of the EMF car company, who persuaded the famous race car driver and World War I flying ace to lend his name to the company. Eddie Rickenbacker in return was named vice-president and director of sales for the company.  The emblem for the car was derived from Rickenbacker’s flying squadron, the 94th Aero Squadron’s “Hat in the Ring”.  The Rickenbacker featured a number of innovations including 4-wheel brakes, the first medium-priced car to do so, and a vibration less motor, made possible by placing flywheels at both ends of the engine.  The D6 model featured a 218 cid, inline 6 engine producing 58 horsepower.  More than 11,000 Rickenbacker motor cars were produced in its six years of production.


  • Vehicle emblems are from Eddie Rickenbacker’s WWI 94th Aero squadron
  • “Doctor Coupe” has privacy shades, place for doctor bag, passenger jump seat
  • One of first automobiles with 4-wheel brakes
  • Price new: $2,195