1924 Paige 6-70
331 cid, I-6, 75 bhp

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Advertised as “The most beautiful car in America”, the Paige was a Detroit based high end luxury car produced between 1908 and 1927.

The first car, produced in 1908 was a two seat, three cylinder, two-stroke model called the Paige-Detroit. Paige also made a cheaper range of cars between 1923 and 1926 called the Jewett, named after the company president.

The Six – 70 had a six cylinder engine which produced 75 hp. In 1924 the Deluxe Seven-passenger Phaeton listed for $1,995.

Deluxe cars featured bumpers, motor meters, and side-mounted spares as standard equipment. You could order steel disc wheels for just $35 additional. In 1924, just one spare tire and rim was included in the Deluxe model, mounted on the left side.

In 1928 the firm was purchased by the Graham Brothers and was renamed Graham-Paige.


  • Advertisement of balanced pencil on radiator cap emphasized smoothness
  • Brougham rear seat could be made into a bed
  • 65,000 production
  • Price new: $1,795-$2,450