1923 Willys-Knight 67 Touring
185 cid, I-4, 40 bhp

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The Willys Knight featured the Knight Sleeve Valve engine, also known as the “Silent Knight”. The association with Charles Yale Knight, began in 1914 and continued until the end of production year 1933. Knight’s engines replaced conventional valves with two sleeves between the piston and the bore. The result was a smoothness and silence of operation compared to conventional engines of the teens and twenties.  Carbon build-up made the sleeve valve engines run better, making valve jobs unnecessary. The Willys-Knight was produced in the Willys plants in Toledo, Ohio.  The 1923 Willys-Knight Series 67 touring car was powered by a 185 cid inline, four-cylinder Knight sleeve-valve  engine which produced 40 horsepower. About 50,000 Willys-Knight vehicles were produce each year form 1923 through 1933.


  • Engine used sleeve valves instead of more conventional poppet valves
  • Production ended 1932 due to receivership
  • Price new: $1,325