1917 Dort Fleur de Lys Roadster
I-4, 17 bhp

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The Dort Motor Car Company grew out of the Durant-Dort Carriage Company, originally founded as the Flint Road Cart Company in 1886. Durant would go on to found General Motors, Chevrolet and Durant Motors, while Dort would remain with the carriage company until founding the Dort Motor Company in 1915. In Canada, the cars were manufactured by the Gray Company and sold as Gray-Dorts. The Dorts were powered by inline 4 Lycoming engines, which in 1917 produced 16.9 horsepower and speeds of up to 35 mph. In 1917 this car sold for around $1,000 and over 9300 Dorts were sold. Dort liquidated his company’s assets in 1924 and sold his factory to A.C. Spark Plug in early 1925.